Contemporary Masonry Walls

This fast-paced seminar explores proven and new structural and non-structural masonry wall design concepts that address contemporary facility design and development issues such as: initial cost, speed of construction, occupant comfort and safety, moisture and energy management, durability, and flexibility. Examples will be shown of creative masonry solutions including new products, interior partitions, storm shelters, prefabrication, and BIM for Masonry.

  1. Review contemporary masonry design concepts.
  2. Discover how durable masonry can be built quickly, cost-effectively, and safely.
  3. Acquire knowledge of new masonry design and construction techniques.
  4. Learn about free masonry design support services.

about the speaker


Mr. Conway is a registered architect in Wisconsin and co-Director of IMI’s national masonry technical team, IMI’s Director of Architectural Education, member of ASTM E-06 Committee, and a permanent faculty member of IMI’s Contractor College - a nationally accredited educational program for union mason contractors.

In addition to his daily activities working with clients to use masonry successfully, Mr. Conway is a frequent national presenter, university lecturer and author on numerous masonry subjects, including: Masonry Wall System Selection, Contemporary Masonry Walls, Sustainable Masonry, High Performing Masonry Walls, Masonry Design and Installation Best Practices, What Non-Engineers Need To Know About Structural Masonry, Air Barrier for Masonry Walls, Masonry Rain Screen Walls, Masonry Restoration, Masonry Maintenance, Masonry Movement Joints, Masonry Job Site Troubleshooting.


Pat Conway, IMI

Pat Conway, IMI

Nashville - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location: 3643 Trousdale Dr.Nashville tn. 37208
RSVP: Melanie Kenny 615-244-4497
SPONSOR: Masonry Institute of Tennessee